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BJP a loser, has got nothing to do, says AAP minister Somnath Bharti


New Delhi: Calling the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) a loser, Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti on Wednesday said the former should ask for a special investigation in the 116 crore rupee fraud case.

“The BJP have nothing to do. The BJP is a loser. Why didn’t they ask for a special investigation in this case? It could help unearth the whole case of 116 crores,” said Bharti.

“The BJP should ask for the resignation of CBI officers. The officers did not indict top officials of the bank. They made a small desk officer an accused in the case,” he said in response to the BJP’s demand for his resignation.

“If Pawan Kumar is guilty and somebody has proof of it, then I will not defend him. I have said this several times, and it is on records,” he added.

On Tuesday, Bharti, who was indicted by a CBI court along with his client for tampering with evidence in a corruption case, had said “We made an audio CD to help the court and expose the lies by the witness. We thought to confront the witness with the CD. We moved an application for permission to bring this audio CD on record.”

“The moment the judge and the investigating officer of the CBI came to know about the content of this CD, they immediately moved an application for cancellation of bail. My client, Pawan Kumar’s bail was cancelled and he was sent to jail,” he added.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had backed Bharti, saying, “We respect the judiciary of the country. But in this particular case, the observation of the court is wrong.”

Last year, Somnath Bharti was indicted by a CBI court in Delhi along with his client Pawan Kumar, who was facing corruption charges. The duo was also accused by the CBI of influencing a prosecution witness.

CBI Special Judge Poonam A Bamba had then said, “The conduct of accused Pawan Kumar and his advocate (Bharti) is not only highly objectionable and unethical, but also amounts to tampering with evidence,”