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Bharti making baseless allegations, should resign from post: DCW Chief


New Delhi: Reacting to the allegations made by Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti against Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chief Barkha Shukla Singh asking for her resignation, Singh on Friday said that Bharti was the one who needed to resign as what he had done was completely wrong, and that he was making baseless allegations against her.

“What he has said is completely wrong. We have done our work on all the complaints registered in our commission. Why should I resign? I am just doing my work. Our 150 ‘Mahila Panchayats’ are active right now. There are more than 500 women helpline by us so, it is quite evident that we do our work, and our actions are never based on political motives,” said Singh.

“On what basis is he asking for my resignation, and who is he to ask for it anyway? He is the one who has insulted women, and therefore he should be the one resigning. He will have to give a resignation not me,” she said.

“The people, who do not respect women, women commission, constitution and the republic day, cannot respect anything. Whatever he is saying is because he is guilty and frustrated,” she added.

Earlier today, Bharti on had said that Singh was a member of Congress, and that the decision of the DCW was motivated and political.

“Women commission is political, and Barkha Singh is a member of Congress, that is why she is doing all this,” said Bharti.

“This action is being taken with political intentions in mind and is motivated by the Congress,” he said

Singh on Friday had criticized Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti’s lawyer Rishikesh Kumar for his uncivil behavior following a heated argument between the two.

Shukla had refused to allow Bharti’s lawyer to represent him in the proceedings against Bharti.

“You saw how Somnath Bharti’s lawyer screamed at me. Such uncivil behavior isn’t accepted,” said Shukla after the spat.

“The way he (lawyer) behaved with me was very bad. We will be writing to Lieutenant Governor and will be asking for his time. We will forward all the complaints about him to the LG and we will also apprise him about what happened today,” she added.

Meanwhile, Bharti was caught flying kites in a kite flying festival organized by the Tourism Ministry.

DCW had summoned Bharti over the controversial midnight raid led by him, in which four Ugandan women were allegedly mistreated.

Bharti had alleged that the Ugandan nationals were part of a drug and prostitution racket and asked the police to raid the place and arrest them. However, police refused to comply with his demand.

Yesterday the Supreme Court issued notice to Central Government and Delhi Government on Kejriwal’s recent protest and has asked for reply in next six weeks.

The notice was issued during a hearing of Public Interest Litigation (PIL), which was filed by lawyer, M.L. Sharma, against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) over their protest outside the Railway Ministry, which amounted to a breakdown of the constitutional machinery.