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Bank staffers hit hard by demonetisation


New Delhi : Tackling endless queues of waiting people, long working hours, and a working weekend, has left bank staffers a harried lot as they bear the brunt of angry customers questioning delays in changing the demonetised currency notes, with sometimes incidents of violence being reported at certain branches, reports IANS.

The queues were longer on Saturday, the third day after currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 were demonetised by the government, to tackle black money.

Bank employees said they were facing a logistics nightmare as many branches were not equipped to handle such large crowds. “We are overloaded with work due to sudden announcement of demonetisation. People are cashless, we understand their problem, but we are doing our best,” Preeti, a bank employee in the national capital, told IANS.

 “We realise that people require money for meeting their daily needs. They must cooperate with bank officials who are also humans and have sacrificed their holidays for helping people,” Preeti said.

  She said the work overload was beginning to tell on the health condition of bank employees as they are not getting enough time for rest.

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