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Authorities in Agra begin sterilization of monkeys


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Agra: Authorities in Agra have begun sterilizing monkeys in order to check the growth of their population. Authorities have planned to sterilize about 500 monkeys in the first phase and plan to cover the neighbouring Mathura city at a later stage.

Divisional commissioner of Agra city, Pradeep Bhatnagar, said the administration has enlisted the services of qualified doctors to sterilize monkeys.

“It (sterilization) is a very scientific way. These people have undergone good training and are experienced in the field of handling animals. As they have shown the video, the procedure involved in the surgery is also modern. The monkeys are not going to be hurt. The way a monkey was sleeping after the surgery showed it did not suffer any injuries. This is a new initiative and I feel that it will be successful,” said Bhatnagar.

Perched atop buildings, gates, carts telephone and electric wires, these monkeys are constantly on the lookout for eatables and attack anybody carrying food items.

“They trouble us a lot. They push us, bite the kids, take our slippers and create menace. We want the authorities to take action against the monkeys,” said a resident, Kamlesh.

The tourists flocking the city to view Taj Mahal have also been the victims of monkey attacks.

Previous attempts to catch monkeys and leave them in forests have not yielded any desirable results as they often returned.