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Assam governor concerned over NRC update process


Guwahati: Assam Governor P.B. Acharya on Thursday expressed his deep concern about the slow process of updating the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in the state.

In a statement, Acharya appealed to all Indian citizens to expedite and without fail complete the application process for the NRC before the August 31 deadline.

The governor said no Indian citizen will be left out of NRC for any reason. The updating of the NRC is being done under the direct supervision of the Supreme Court.

“All tea tribes, Bengali Hindu refugees, orphanage inhabitants, jailed prisoners, Indians from neighbouring states, especially from Tripura, Indians from other states of our mainland who have migrated to Assam by marriage, jobs, business etc. are eligible to enter in NRC as per the Supreme Court judgment,” Acharya said.

The governor met Pratik Hajela, state coordinator of the NRC, and discussed about the progresses and hindrances in the updating process.

He strictly ordered that no foreigners should be allowed to get into NRC, either because of corrupt officials giving false birth certificates or by any fraud.

Acharya stressed the need for all NRC Seva Kendras in the state to be very careful and not succumb under any pressure or fear.

“The integrity and security of not only the northeast, but of India is very important and the patriotic citizens of Assam should take special care in this regard,” he said.

He appealed to all political parties, student organisations, universities, Sahitya Sabhas, merchant chambers, NGOs, tribal and non-tribal social organisations to be in the forefront to assist and correctly complete the NRC process by August 31.

“We have only seventeen days left for the last date for submission of applications,” he reminded.

“Let all the patriotic Indian citizens take the pledge to safeguard the integrity and security of India. The first and the right step is the correct NRC.”