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Amidst MeToo rage, noted women journalists Anuradha SenGupta and Latha Venkatesh thank a few good men


While there seems to be no end to the MeToo allegations being fired left, right and centre, two senior women journalists Anuradha SenGupta and Latha Venkatesh have taken it upon themselves to thank their bosses for giving them a secure environment to work with.

Recently talking about her struggling days, Anuradha SenGupta, Consulting Editor of CNN-News18 thanked many of her colleagues who helped her feel secure, The editor on 12 October tweeted, “In the mid-90s in broadcast TV, we worked long hours, odd hours. Didn’t occur to me that we could have been vulnerable or insecure. And it didn’t occur that anything besides merit and performance could matter. Thank you @amitkhanna @vandanamalik  @Raghav_Bahl @schengalvarayan.”

Talking about the same senior journalist Latha Venkatesh who is Executive Editor of CNBCTV18News said, “U said it Anuradha, Menaka. I did night shifts on the desk at ET in the nineties, have worked odd hours at CNBC for years now,NOT ONCE can I think of a demeanIng word or gesture. @Raghav_Bahl @schengalvarayan @govindethiraj.”

MeToo roar in India

Many famous Bollywood celebrities and Journalists have been accused of sexually harassing and raping women. The new rage MeToo movement in India, has become a voice for the women who have faced heinous incidents. Many women journalists also came forward to accuse their harassers on Twitter. Celebs like Sajid Khan, Alok Nath, Vikas Bahl are some of the renowned figures from industry who have been named.

Recently, actor Amitabh Bachchan was accused by former celebrity-hairstylist and ex Bigg Boss contestant Sapna Bhavnani in her post on Twitter, who wrote about Amitabh Bachchan to warn him that his truth will be out soon.

Sapna wrote, “This has to be the biggest lie ever. Sir the film Pink has released and gone and your image of being an activist will soon too. Your truth will come out very soon. Hope you are biting your hands cuz nails will not be enough. @SrBachchan #Metoo #MeTooIndia #comeoutwomen”.

Many female journalists like Anoo Bhuyan, Sandhya Ramesh and Sandhya Menon are standing up and fighting for MeToo moment by making the world know about their dark stories. We really hope there are many more stories like Anuradha and Latha come out to show the positive side of things as well.

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