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American national alleges molestation in Goa during India’s Republic Day


Raping a girl

Mumbai: An American woman was allegedly molested by a bike rider, whom the victim had hired to take her to Baga beach in north Goa. The victim, who basically hails from Manchester, Connecticut, was in Goa for about 48 hours over the Indian Republic Day weekend. The accused, who calls himself as Ezy M, kept on insisting her to kiss him.

“I was in Goa for about 48 hours over the Indian Republic Day weekend and I got sexually assaulted by my bike driver. I am hoping that if you see this man’s photo – you will never trust your safety with him. He calls himself Ezy M and he is dangerous. Upon arrival, he asked where I was staying and offered a good rate to take me back to the town my hotel is in and waited 2 hours for me. He picked me up post-dinner, and when we were making our way back to my hotel in Morjim that he started misbehaving. He asked me if I would give him a kiss and obviously, I said no. I tried to keep it light and suggested he ‘keep it professional’,” the victim wrote on social media.

When the victim was riding pillion, the man held her hand, took it under his shirt and further down over his pant. “And then he said he needed to pull over. He stopped his bike and before I could realize what was happening, his penis was in my hands. I got off the bike, threw a 500 rupee note at him and ran down the street. Thankfully, I got to a busy main road and he lost me,” added the victim, who works in an advertising technology company based in Brooklyn, New York.

“I’m shaken. If this guy does not get pulled up for what he did, he will get bolder and do something even worse the next time,” she added. Though no formal complaint has been registered till now but the victim is planning to visit Goa again. “I will try to come again and not let this incident mar the memory of such a beautiful place. But let’s try and make it safer than it is,” she said.