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Admit note ban was a mistake, PC to Modi


NEW DELHI : Former finance minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Saturday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to admit that the demonetisation was a mistake and admit that he had taken a wrong decision.

“There is nothing wrong in accepting one’s mistake…there is nothing wrong in saying that I have done a mistake.” Modi would have been generous if he had sought forgiveness stating that he had taken a wrong decision based on “wrong advice” and that he was not told about the quantum of currency to be scrapped, Chidambaram said.

If Modi had said he was not apprised about the note printing capacity and how many months it would take to print such notes and on the duration of ATM recalibration, he would have been magnanimous, he said, adding that the Prime Minister should have admitted that he had not taken into consideration the fact that people would be hit and daily wage earners would be affected.

On no violence breaking out as would have happened in any other country, Chidambaram said: “I bow my head before the people for their patience. Perhaps they are waiting for the Prime Minister’s December 30 deadline for things to get normal, he said. “No government or Prime Minister has the authority to inflict so much pain and harassment on the people. They did not vote for them (BJP) for this,” he said.

He said Indira Gandhi had generously admitted that promulgation of Emergency in 1975 was a mistake as it had led to suffering of people and promised to never do it again till such time she was the prime minister. “That is why she continues to live in the hearts of people as a towering leader though she passed away 32 years ago.”