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Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case: Why the Talwars got the benefit of doubt


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New Delhi: According to Avirook Sen, the author of a bestseller on Aarushi, there were many wrong assumptions in the case. He is convinced that there was no evidence that Hemraj and Aarushi were having an affair; nor was it established that Hemraj had been in Aarushi’s room on the fateful night.

There was no trace of Hemraj’s blood in the room either, which seemed to contradict the theory that he was assaulted in the room after the duo was found in a compromising position. Nor did the forensic evidence such as blood, hair, or even semen, establish any such thing – that they were both in the same room, in close proximity. Another wrong assumption was that the Talwars committed the crime because the house was locked from inside and nobody could have got in or come out except them. It was also strange that in the room where two people died, the blood of one (Hemraj) was cleaned and the blood of the other (Aarushi) was left behind.

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Senior lawyer Rebecca John, who was part of the legal team that argued for the Talwar couple, said: “The fact is that the entire case was based on innuendos and assumptions. There was no credible evidence against the couple. The CBI conducted the investigation in a manner which is not becoming of a probe agency,” John told PTI.  She added that the Talwar couple has been in the eye of a “media storm” for nearly a decade and they should now be allowed to lead their lives as private citizens.

Radhika Chadda, a friend of the Talwars, said the couple had held together because they are “innocent and have faith in the truth”. “I have been in touch with them over the years and their belief in the legal system kept them going. They maintained sanity by practising dentistry that they are so skilled at. “They have been operating a clinic from the jail, which I believe, is the best clinic in the entire Ghaziabad district,” she said.