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Aadhaar or Voter ID may replace surety bond for bail


In a major relief to lakh’s of under trails the law commission is looking forward to change the surety bonds with Aadhaar or Voter ID card. There are lakh people in Indian jails for minor crimes who are unable to file their surety bond and this move of the law commission will prove to be a big relief for them, as they will be able to walk out of the jail with the help of a Aadhaar or Voter ID card.

For years the government and the courts have raised the issue for over crowded jails because the under trails have not been able to post for the bail. According to the 2015 data of National Crime Records Bureau, 11 states in the country had overcrowded prisons. There are around 4.16 lakh prisoners in the country out of which 2.83 lakh prisoners are under trials.

Bail bond or surety is a problem when it comes to poor people or for people with no permanent address, in such cases the Aadhaar and Voters  ID card can prove to be very helpful.

An English daily DNA has quoted a source saying, “93 per cent of the working population in India is part of the unorganised sector which means that these people are not financially sound. They are laborers’, street vendors, hawkers, farmers etc and most of them leave their villages and towns and come to cities for jobs. They face a lot of difficulties when they find themselves on the wrong side of law. They don’t have proper addresses and can’t find people who can stand as surety for them. These reforms, if implemented, will mainly benefit this 93 per cent of the working population.”

The Commission, also feels that the bail bond amount and surety bond amount should be determined strictly in accordance with the financial condition of the accused. A source said to the DNA that the law panel will also suggest that “if an accused is unable to furnish surety within 30 days of grant of bail, the court may reduce the surety amount.”