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​IPL probe: SC panel suggests complete ban on post-march parties


New Delhi: The Supreme Court-appointed panel, which probed the IPL spot-fixing scandal, today gave a slew of recommendations to protect the gentleman’s game from betting syndicates, including a complete ban on post-match parties, BCCI being given access to players’ bank accounts and registration of agents and managers of cricketers.

Holding that allegations of corruption and other malpractices in cricket have a “ring of truth”, the probe committee said that only BCCI-accredited persons should be permitted access to players and there should be prohibition on access to top cricketers’ hotel rooms, except family members.

“Access to bank accounts and other financial documentation should be available to the BCCI Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) with players prior consent. This consent could be incorporated into the players contract. Access and information received from such access must be kept absolutely confidential.

“Access to similar documents of a player’s immediate family members or their respective agents may well be justified in appropriate circumstances,” the report of one of the members of the panel, Nilay Dutta said.

He said that BCCI should have a strict control one telephonic access of the players who should only be allowed to carry cell issued by the Board.

“(There should be) strict control of telephonic access. Only cellular telephones issued to players by the BCCI should be allowed and details of the calls made and received should be available so as to allow monitoring by the BCCI. Possession of an unauthorised cell phone should be a punishable offence which automatically would entail deterrent punishment.