Free Press Journal

Your Day By Nilikash P. Pradhan



Aries :- Becoming financially stable has been the cornerstone of almost all your efforts. You have persisted and persevered in planning and executing financial matters with good results.

Taurus:- There could be health issues which need attention and wild mood swings too. Travel especially short trips could be beneficial. Those in politics and social sector must need to study in depth before commenting on anything.

Gemini:- You realize that in the long run, both material and non material gains are important to you. You will also be looking at working for the community for society at large, for human and environmental concerns.

Cancer:- Your performance at the work place has been stellar, to say the least, but now you look at issues far removed from the workplace. You are competing only with yourself, following your beliefs and convictions as sincerely as you can.

Leo:- You will be looking at both employment benefits as well as job satisfaction and striving towards both and achieving them, too for the most part. Relationships with servants, employees, and subordinate will all be worked and improved.

Virgo:- You need to take advice of experienced person for starting any new ventures. Over confidence will lead to disappointment especially for students who appearing for exams.

Libra:- Your efforts are scintillating, sparkling and truly divine. You plumb the depths of your inner being to bring forth creations of supreme innovations, novelty and originality.

Scorpio:- This is an excellent time for those in artistic profession. Finances could be tight as you dream big and need huge amounts to invest. Romantic relationship will be fine.

Sagittarius:- there will be tremendous togetherness and warmth with close companions and loved ones at all levels and genuinely closer bonding. At the same time, professionally there will be genuine and keen involvements.

Capricorn:-  There can be bold statements which can put you in trouble in any sector. You might be little disturbed by domestic situation not improving much. In business avoid speculative activities.

Aquarius:- You are in a frame of mind in which you could display a certain self-centredness in your relationships, putting yourself before others, at least in terms of needs, aspirations, though this will apply more to the professional rather than the personal angle.

Pisces:- Debts may happen if you don’t do your homework in financial matters. Even punishments, limitations, reprimands or confinement at home can be possible if you take the wrong approach.