Free Press Journal

Your day by Nilikash P. Pradhan


Aries: Students are going perform well today. You will find some positive movement in pending projects. Don’t think much about your debts you are soon going to find some way out of it.

Taurus: Today at work place your ideas that are on your mind will be productive. Diplomacy is required you are likely to be virtually aggressive. Today will be a great time for romance.

Gemini: Strong chances of good future for sportsperson and actors. You will in spotlight in social and political sector. Investing in commodities won’t be a bad idea. Oil and eatables will be more profitable.

Cancer: You are now more flexible with the environment around you making things easier and smoother for you. The choices that you make today shall reap great benefits.

Leo: Major development or improvement will come soon in your career as your past hard work and efforts will be showering flowers of success. Those in sports and music sector will do well today.

Virgo: You have to discuss some issues with your seniors before taking decision; how much confident you are then also as minor mistake might hurt your fame.

Libra: Those in politics will get support from their subordinates today which will surely make a good impact on your opposition and also impress higher authority. job seekers will get new opportunity today.

Scorpio: You have to take some baby steps while proceeding work in your projects. Financial situation is very tight and there are no ways for arrangement of new funds this will be stressful to you.

Sagittarius: Issues could remain in relationships. New developments in love life possible for those unattached. Your ideas could find opposition. You may make handsome gains through trading in share market or gambling.

Capricorn: You will plan to go out with your friends which may make you happy. You may start working on plans related to purchase or construction of home.

Aquarius: You will gain recognition for your efforts in the work place. Relax with your loved ones this evening. There may small gains through speculation and gambling.

Pisces: You might be restless today at your work place and things may not turn your way. In sports and film sector you have to grab every chance you get; as opportunities will be less than expectation.