Free Press Journal

Your Day By Nilikash P Pradhan



ARIES: You may face various upheavals in achieving profits. Do not invest money in those areas where there’s a higher chance of loss otherwise it may become a source of your tensions.

TAURUS: You moving like a Clint Dempsey to achieve your goals as fastest as he had achieved in 2014 World cup. You mean business and get things done with frantic speed and efficiency.

GEMINI:  If you are involved in any legal matters, it will be decided in your favour. You will get honours from eminent personalities. You will be very busy with work and advancement of your profession.

CANCER: There is love and bonding in the family. They understand that work is important to you and they see the tangibles that money can buy. You like a happy home and want to get them whatever they desire.

LEO: Health will be the problem today so it’s better to avoid junk food and do regular exercise to avoid any major problems. Some surprise gains through speculative activities is indicated today.

VIRGO: Those in politics and social sector will be riding the horse of victory with full strength. You will be able to dominate your enemies and make a good picture frame in people’s heart.

LIBRA: Slowly your popularity and wealth will get increased. Your controlling power will be helpful to you in politics. You have to adopt different policies in various environment and with different people.

SCORPIO: Your had served a lot at work place with your skills and knowledge but not getting that much value you are expecting from your senior authorities but this is not the right time to take any hasty decision.

SAGITTARIUS: Your feelings and thinking may not get that much value as you have expected from your loved one and this will be disturbing you. Health wise also today you may suffer from stomach ache or body pain.

CAPRICORN: You have to keep certain goal at your work place today. Time is valuable so take advantage of each opportunity and try to complete your tasks in time. Your partner will keep you happy.

AQUARIUS: Today beware of making impulsive decisions and risk at work place. Take time off to rest. Focus on your love life. Give your partner a voice in the decision making process.

PISCES: Dashing and exciting as your actions may be you are easily distracted. Those fond of reading writing and lecturing will find ample time. Journalists have an exciting day today.