Free Press Journal

Your day by Nilikash P. Pradhan


Aries: Stop negative thinking and positively express your feelings to your partner. You will be successful in business deals and politics. If you trust your friends they will trust you.

Taurus: At work place superiors will appreciate your honesty and commitment. There will be gains through speculations. Business meeting will be productive especially if you use your people skills.

Gemini: Do not enter into partnerships on long-term basis for that will neither last nor prove beneficial. You should have a good and beneficial discussion with your intelligent friends.

Cancer: Today you will be in an enthusiastic mood. Romantic relationship will be fine. You will get new opportunity to grow your business in new direction.

Leo: You finally make room in your life for emotions and feelings. Your first needs are money, recognition and a position of control and once they are in place, you look for love.

Virgo: Salesman sportsmen will have a favourable day. You are brilliant and take challenges head on. They are fond of music dance fabrics and food. A career in commerce is deal and good today.

Libra: If you invest money in share market then it may increase your income. You will be able to expand your business successfully through short tours.

Scorpio: Your behaviour and mood will be responsible for friction in relationship. Stay calm and have faith. Your colleagues and seniors may create problems for you in your work.

Sagittarius: Those who are involved in court matter there may be some tough moments today. Your daughter may get ambitious partner. There will be success in business and social work.

Capricorn: You will command immense respect at work place. You will be at your philosophical and romantic best today. Close friend can serve valuable sounding boards.

Aquarius: you will find success in political and social front. Even your ideas will be highly valuable for your party members for future elections. Legal matters will get solution.

Pisces: You will get good fame in sports and culture. You are self confident and ambitious. Those who are ready to enter into matrimony need to maintain patience.