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YOUR DAY By Nilikash P Pradhan


ARIES:-You dislike any suggestions fro-mothers in your love affairs. Arian is also confident and is an excellent crisis manager. So today there will be success in litigation and other matters.

TAURUS:-You are impulsive and sensuous in your sex. A great deal of your energy is spent forming emotional relationship. If you think positive today you can cross any hurdle and can be able to complete your tasks.

GEMINI:-You look for harmony and try to smooth the feathers you have rustled in the past. You are lookingto make amends as you finally believe that it is not a great idea to accumulate enemies.

CANCER:- Today if you wish to get things done, you need to be diplomatic. There may be gains from share market. You may be tempted but take care. Don’t neglect your regular diet.

LEO:- You need an emotional support, a shoulder to hang on when in need. You would get a good lead in this area now. You will be truthful and cautious.

VIRGO:- Virgo people who are feeling a little restless and bored should be gratified to find that job routines are being changed. New responsibilities will be delegated to you.

LIBRA:- If you would take part in horse racing or in any other lucrative game, you might get profit. You can enjoy fame at this time too. Fun and enjoyment will offer you a happylife.

SCORPIO:- In business and career activities, greater success lie in long term planning. There will be plenty of chances for increasing your earnings. As regards health concerns, you do not need to worry much.

SAGITTARIUS:- Don’t force on your ideas or plan son anyone at your work place late them understand what are your ideas and allow then to take their own time. Hasty decision may lead to quarrels and misunderstandings.

CAPRICORN:- Good day for students. Chance of romance with opposite sex. Today anything too tedious you will quickly put aside. Don’t take tension of problems arising in politics and social sector.

AQUARIUS:- You will develop friendship with a rich person, through whom you will progress in life. There will be some rise in interest towards virtuous activities. A drive with your spouse will give happiness.

PISCES:-You will adapt a more conciliatory approach which really helps in getting things done. You will also like to immerse yourself in beautiful things almost like a escape mechanism from all the troubles which may bother you on this road to glory.