Free Press Journal

YOUR DAY By Nilikash P Pradhan


ARIES:- Any unhappiness you encounter is likely to be “for the best”, since it will serve to demonstrate to you what you really need, and deserve, to be happy and content.

TAURUS:-You have a real need to be vocal.You will enjoy events that lean toward theatre, art, or music. Romance is in the air. You will be famous for achieving the goals at work place.

GEMINI:- Some misfortune or possible mishap may be lurking, likely to hit you. It can be about finances and also your emotions and relationships too. Tensions in current project may risetoday.

CANCER:- After lot of struggle and difficult times, you may have realised the importance of the family. This will help you to build a good rapport with the young and old alike.

LEO:- Progress in business got stuck and cash flow or liquidity is getting tighter.You needtomeet new clients and customers who can financially help you out in this situation. Those in sports and arts sector will find somewhat success.

VIRGO:- Keep yourselves as much away from stocks and shares as you can, else it may seem as if you have burnt your fingers in fire. Those planning for a vacation abroad should now pack your bags and be ready to make a move.

LIBRA:-There might be a surprisingly enhancement in your reputation and your fame would be widen. Change of residence or native place is also possible. Salary increment or any cherished business deal may also take place.

SCORPIO:-You need to checksupplies of your products there might besome sabotage by your competitors to pull you down in the market. There will be new contacts if you attendsocial functions.

SAGITTARIUS:- Investing for long term will be beneficial for your future. Financial problems will get solved. Continuation of same business is more preferable thenstarting any new firm or business.

CAPRICORN:- Control your emotion today. You might feel yourself quite alone at your work place as colleagues may go against your decision. In politics stay away from sensitive issues.

AQUARIUS:- Your mind might be little disturbed today. Delay in work or minor disappointment at home is going to turn your good day to a bad day. You have to be soft while talking with your seniors and colleagues today.

PISCES:- Don’t get too much worried about your assignments but at the time don’t get too relaxed also. If you keep proper time table you will not find any delays. Romance is in the air.