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Your Day By Nilikash P. Pradhan


Aries:- There may be fair amount of conflict and even confrontations over property and possession. You need to be clear and open-minded to maintain peace and not let your ego dictate your actions.

Taurus:- You may be thinking of making changes on the work front, even drastic and surprising ones. You will continue working hard on your on-going projects.

Gemini:- You should remain alert and careful as problems may appear in any or many areas of your life. Your state of health may deteriorate and you could also become emotionally disturbed.

Cancer:- There should be many opportunities to learn new skills. Conferences held at a distance could provide opportunities for wielding more responsibility than usual.

Leo:- Be careful of what you speak. There will be great struggle for power and prestige. Try to clear up any misconceptions. Legal issues could be resolved soon.

Virgo:- Joy and pleasure can be found in your family connections and experiences and/or your home life. Your co-workers will get impress with your ideas and plans and will be supportive while expressing them to seniors.

Libra:- Money and love matters play an important role today you will spend more on health and trips. You focus almost entirely on domestic concerns home family and environment.

Scorpio:- Discussion for extending your business and new project will succeed. You can expect some good news. Pay attention to your health. Patience is the keyword today.

Sagittarius:- Avoid taking important decisions today as you may have difficulty concentrating on work. It is important to give your mind and body that much needed rest. Eat some good food, not only you like it.

Capricorn:- Continuous growth in your job profession will fill you with new energy and courage. With your creative activities and improved working style you will gain appreciation of your seniors.

Aquarius:- You will be thinking of buying a new vehicle for business purpose. A strong advice is to consult experienced person in your sector before taking any major decision in profession.

Pisces:- Those who are involved in court matter there may be some tough moments today. Your daughter may get ambitious partner. There will be success in business and social work.

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