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Your Day By Nilikash P. Pradhan


Aries:- Promote your skills tactfully especially with the people responsible for the advancement of your career. Some inventions from you will surprise your seniors but don’t disclose formulas.

Taurus:- The feel-good factor in your life comes through the positive and loving vibes you share with your loved ones. Those in steel industry might get some surprising good news.

Gemini:-You will be trying to make new contacts through your circles today. You may be in a very competitive mood and should tone down your approach and be diplomatic especially if you need to point out flaws.

Cancer:- Your enemies can give you some troubles but you will be able to overcome them. Your servants/ employees could cause your annoyance and you may suffer from some digestion problems.

Leo:- You like to enjoy life wherever you go. Try for an attitude of compromise at work place. Gains and losses will be the part of the game in shares today. You expenses will rise. Take care of health and while on wheel.

Virgo:- Job assignments can be completed in time. Projects will be having small hurdles to bring them to completion. Guidance from maestro will help musicians to perform well.

Libra:- If you keep doing the same things, you are going to get the same results. Stop chasing your tail. Stop everything and take some time to re-group, re-focus. Re-connect. Any special person can come in your life.

Scorpio:- Those in politics and social sector will find way over obstacles. You might think of changing your profession and may get new ideas of starting a new business but you have to wait for some more time.

Sagittarius:- If you manage your speed and turn your enthusiasm properly to proper point then success will not be delayed. Today you will impress members of the opposite sex.

Capricorn:- You will give your all to improve things if your needs are increasing faster than your income. Some things will resurface: disputes, troubles or old debts.

Aquarius:- Your friends will guide you through your moments of despair. Agriculturist will have increase in production. Some of them might have special moments in their life today.

Pisces:- Certain objectives may run up against a brick wall or an awkward fork in the road, but this is no reason to be negative or frightened into a state of panic. By knowing your real strengths you’ll also know where your weak points are and how to make good the shortfall.

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