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Your day By Nilikash P. Pradhan 18 Oct 2017


Aries:- While trading in stock market you might be in a tense situation today, don’t get panic and try to maintain your mind calm and stable. Bad news followed by good news is likely today.

Taurus:– In your profession you can be able to complete your tasks in time. Today you will be in optimistic mood. Romantic relationship will be fine. You may have financial gains through speculation.

Gemini:- Strong chances of good future for sportsperson and actors. You will in spotlight in social and political sector. Investing in commodities won’t be a bad idea. Oil and eatables will be more profitable.

Cancer:- As far as your career and financial front is concerned you will surely be facing adversaries. Don’t get too serious on issues which are not related to you this might spoil your day on unnecessarily thinking on it.

Leo:- Languish at your work place. New opportunities are going to come soon. You will get fatigue due to long travels for business purpose. Joy and success in life will come but in small amount.

Virgo:- Your successes are attracting the right attention. New career opportunities will be coming for some of you. Pending property matters could move forward.

Libra:- There will be increase in income. Court verdicts will be in your favour. Today will be increase in power and prestige. All kinds of relationships are bound to improve. Good day for trading also.

Scorpio:– Regarding love life, if your relation is little bit complex then try to work on it to make long lasting relationship, don’t try to go into romantic complication.

Sagittarius:- Concentration and focus in study will increase. Further education with scholarship shall take place. You may be able to solve the problems of your siblings. Helping colleagues will be appreciated.

Capricorn:- Today is not the best time for romance. Avoid arguments with your spouse. Money matters only get better after sometime. Today you have to be slightly cautious while taking bold decision at work place.

Aquarius:- Today if you find the physical satisfaction, the sentimental fulfilment will not come from your partner. You will get honours from eminent personalities. Your ideas will impress seniors.

Pisces:- Today unexpected communication from someone special is likely to brighten your day. You will form lasting friendships with worthy people. Today is the time to invest in stock market.