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Your daily horoscope- 12 August by Nilikash P. Pradhan


Aries:– Prudent steps taken now to build a strong financial foundation, through conservative and reliable investment will provide exponential returns in the future.

Taurus:– You are generous, determined independent today. Your social quotient will peak. You are standing rock solid when everyone else is flapping. There will be a happy family life.

Gemini:- You may get a good space to show your talent. Professionals can look forward to crossing the seas. Domestic life is peaceful and full of happiness. Romance is in the air.

Cancer:- Excitement will be all over. New job opportunities will be coming but to decide which job is more suitable there might be some confusion so take advice of associates.

Leo:- You may be immensely busy but do not make the mistake of neglecting the person in your life. The emotional support that you will be gaining from your spouse will provide you strength.

Virgo:– Your courage and honesty, quality of which you are popular will help you gain appreciation. There won’t be any problem today at your work place. Your partner will give happiness.

Libra:- There will be domestic issues which have to be resolved and this will be keeping you busy today and will not get much time for partying or entertaining.

Scorpio:– To feel sympathy for people and to assist to give help to needy one is your admirable nature but be truthful and cautious. Business relationship may be under tense situation.

Sagittarius:– Currently you are facing lots of problems today will be hectic as work pressure is going to increase. Use words of encouragement to break the ice & ease the mood of your partner.

Capricorn:- Your kids would start performing up to the expected level. You would find significant change in your lifestyle.  Hard work is the key to success for you.

Aquarius:– Investing in travel and furthering your education are possible ways to expand your professional portfolio you may have to use your tact and charm to solve problems.

Pisces:- You will be determined to get things done at work and may not have the patience to deal with people who cannot keep up with your pace. Focus on doing things one step at a time.