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Weekly Prediction for 3 to 9 July 2016


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Aries:- Many issues will require you to take the time to understand issues and resolve them. The good news is that you are up to the challenge. You need the power of both positive thought and affirmative action to handle this complicated, somewhat baffling phase in your life which comes now. Take proper care of your health, stomach related problems may occur. Money will definitely be coming your way and will greatly influence your personal beliefs, dreams and philosophies. Try to avoid important meetings or business deals on Thursday. You like to buy quality products so don’t think about the price. A new relationship might bloom.

Taurus:- There is compromise, insult, and also financial uncertainty this week. The results of your past behavior are strongly going to impact your life in politics and social sector now. You need to be assertive especially if you are thrown into a competitive environment where someone may be trying to outmaneuver you. Be open to advice and suggestions from close associations. Pay attention to your health. . Plan regular timings for your food intake. Eat only healthy food and avoid intake of junk food. Thursday and Friday keep your temper down while discussions on projects at your work place.

Gemini:- You will get new opportunity to grow your business in new direction. This is a good week to initiate action on personal projects. Spend some moment with your partner. Political issues may get resolved. Students will make progress towards their goals. If you are planning to borrow new loans or debts you might have to face some minor obstacles. This Sun entering Aquarius will bring some volatility in your life as there will be some good moments as well as bad moments in this week. Chances of getting new projects in construction and real estate business are likely.

Cancer:- You get back to work and are motivated by money and the good things of life. You need focus as there are many expenses foreseen and you also indulge in getting new acquisitions for yourself, the family and the office. You will also have to guard against excessive drinking or smoking, if you have these habits. If signing any deal or agreement this week is good, if you are not satisfied with the condition mentioned in these deals you will be able to change it with your intelligence. Investing in stocks with the guidance of experienced people may help you in long term.

Leo:- You to grow in size, the responsibilities and authority.  Obtain the maximum of carried out works currently. You will arrive to the fence on projects more quickly. At the mid of week there might be some sudden accidents at work or home which might create a tense situation. Friends loved ones might ask for some support from you to stabilize themselves in their uncertain life mostly related to money. You are ready to express your feeling in a quick manner but sometimes it makes awkward to the person whom you are discussing. Doctors, Engineers will do well.

Virgo:- Writers will get good stories to write. Artists will perform well. Good time to ties a knot. In the workplace, communication related problems and incorrect actions may still cause a bit of trouble. You may suffer from gastric trouble at the end of the week. Mentally also you will not remain peaceful. You will have to work too hard for even minor achievements. Be diplomatic when dealing with in-law. You will refurnish your house. You need a good friend or a partner to share your inner feelings which will ease some of your burden on your shoulders.

Libra:- Your efforts are crowned by success and recognition at work place. There is also joy and satisfaction and true pleasure at home. You may fall in love with someone but be cleared it may be one sided. You can be able to solve complicated problems in I.T. or computer industry. There will be appreciation from seniors but at the same time jealousy might turn around you. Try to maintain your fame in sports and politics. Your soft nature will help you in finalizing business deals. Relationship between husband & wife will become strong. There will be chances to invest money in new property.

Scorpio:- Sunday might be little dull and may turn your emotion down. You might in disturbed situation at the start of the week as you are not able to plan your schedule properly. The situation at your work place will have some changes which are going to favor you. Your greatest asset would be socializing nature that would help other’s thoughts and ideas to coincide with yours. If one way is blocked look for the others but don’t think on it much as this may depress you. Expressing and discussing your issues with partner you will find solutions. Romance is in the air.

Sagittarius:- Increased social honor is on the cards. You will live up to all the expectations of your boss at workplace which will boost your confidence and power of doing more than you usually do. Projects handled over to you may not be completed on time but do not lose hope, because with an extension of time, you might be able to easily and successfully complete the work. Morning battle at the end of the week with your spouse will end in sweet and romantic evening so doesn’t worry much and concentrate on your work.

Capricorn:- Many new trends are at work here. While you are busy as ever, with work, money, family and several other obligations taking your time and energy, you are suddenly pitch-forked into a whirlwind romance that finally leaves you empty, more lonely, lots and dissipated. It starts beautifully and then takes an ugly turn with accusations and counter accusations. You feel cheated and let down. Those in politics and social sector will realize that due to mistakes of their subordinates they are suffering. Retail and hotel business will have rise in income. Agriculturist will do well.

Aquarius:-A certain sobriety and balance will now come to you.. You will realize also just what you want from life, and determined to get it. The effort required will be assessed and coped with, and using genuine insight. You will face up to the responsibilities of either career or business and try to create a satisfactory income, realizing that money does oil the wheels of life. Tuesday and Wednesday will be pressure of work at work place. Students those are in research or science sector will do well. Any bold or strong decision at home might hurt the feelings of your loved ones.

Pisces:- Love and relationships will be full of warmth and all kind of misunderstanding will be removed. You will also get some good romantic moments with each other. Politics at work place will get reduced. Misunderstandings will get resolved. If you maintain consistency in sports you can pull any victory. Increased income may be noted. You might have many responsibilities and need to put in great effort at your work place on Monday and Thursday. In business pending tasks will get some move towards completion. This is right time to research on your portfolio so try to add some good stocks in it for future gains.