Free Press Journal

Weekly Prediction for 23 – 30 July 2016


Aries:- Start of the week will be disturbing your mood and you will be grumble with life partner. Mercury entering Leo will give some benefits in business through new deals contracts and money flow will be easy. In politics and Social sector be aware you don’t make any fearless statements or commitments which can put you on trouble in coming future.  If you have pledge anything for liquidity purpose in business or for any other means then this is the right time to repay and secure your assets. Those in sports and film sector will get new opportunity at the end of this week.

Taurus:- Mercury changing its position will make you little naughty and you will do mistakes with immaturity but be cautious at work place and this can tarnish your image. Complex situation at home also will be little disturbing this week on Thursday and Wednesday. Investment for long term in stock market will be a good idea now. Engineers will be able to identify new solutions for hurdles in their project. Those in real estate and construction business small downfall is expected. Some compromises are needed to continue your relationship in family matter. Travel plans will be hectic. Weekend will bring some good news.

Gemini:- Long-term projects could mean less profit and increased responsibilities. Personal relationships are highlighted and you may feel the need to express your appreciation for loved ones. Those are in service will perform excellent. Stars are smiling on actor’s salesman and businessmen. If you want to achieve harmony, you should talk things out instead of charging in head first as you always do. Commit to willing to work through the issues. There will be financial gains from trading in stock market. There will be gains through speculations. Business meeting will be productive especially if you use your people skills.

Cancer:- Mercury changing its position will be benefiting you in business deals. There will be support from your colleagues or subordinates at work place. This is a good period to discuss on any new terms and condition in your profession. You will be able to see new alternatives at work for a good professional growth regarding your personal life, do not try to hide any personal matter from your partner, share everything. Those in acting and sports sector will have increase in fame. Concrete your ideas and moves in political and social sector. Misunderstanding with friends or loved ones will get cleared off.

Leo:- Leos are warming sunny and outgoing. Go ahead you will become economically stronger in the long run. There will be additional responsibilities at work place. Current transit of planets will increase your confidence level and give a new boost to your professional life. You might find new friends and contacts and in which there are chances you may fall in love with someone. New business in farming and restaurant will be beneficial. In politics and acting field your fame is going to rise. At work place superiors will appreciate your honesty and commitment.

Virgo:- You have to work on your ego management skills. There may also be a tendency to indulge in food, drink, and romantic pursuits which you should guard against. Take care of your health. Intellectual preoccupations, paperwork, documents, negotiations, and other procedures will eat up much of your energy so don’t keep any pending works. Discard any ideas that can hurt your motivation without hesitation. You are trying to be in contact with persons which can help you out in difficulties in your projects but no response from their side will be little frustrating.

Libra:- You will feel uncomfortable at work place while handling projects with your associates. Spending time with your spouse will relax you a bit. You will find some slowness in your projects and this will be disturbing you, it might labor problem or short in finances. If you maintain consistency in sports you can pull any victory. Some sadist people at your work place may depress you. You must choose peace over everything else, just grin it and bear it until the mood is more appeased. Deal with some pending tasks and do not try to rush things on the business front.

Scorpio:- Your cherished desires will be fulfilled with difficulty but will ultimately bring you prosperity fame and good income or profits. There will be material gains and recognition from superiors nonetheless. You will experience a blaze of confidence within you and you will find yourself more involved in things than ever before. There are possibilities that minor hurdles may come at mid week in your ongoing projects but with your skills and positive way of thinking you may find way through it. There may be storm in a cup of tea with your life partner on Saturday.

Sagittarius:- Long awaited litigation matters will be settled amicably. Opponents will be game for out or the court settlements, which will save your time and money. You are flexible and easygoing and don’t lose your cool. There is deep, inner joy which works its magic in all areas of your life. If in the media you do wonderfully well and get renown for your creative genius. The students will have chances of getting success in exams of their desired fields & competitive exams for higher education. You will want to enjoy the life to the fullest.

Capricorn:- Risk taking tendencies should be curbed. The health of your parents is likely to suffer. You must check your complexes, the negative thoughts and the useless expenditures. You will be very near of completion of your tasks but someone may try to bring hurdles in it. Today and tomorrow you can shred your losses. Spend some time with your family that will reduce your stress. Students should remain awake. You will join a religious group or start following a religious person. Weekend will reduce your stress and tension. Short tour with your loved ones will increase your vibrancy.

Aquarius:- Desire for greater financial security and stability will motivate you to improve your financial situation and acquire the trappings of wealth and status.  You may get a bigger job or more responsibility. Nevertheless this is an excellent time to return to study or training. You have to sometime keep away your emotions while working in political sector. Technically skilled workers will be demand. Government official will experience change and there could be reshuffling of the portfolios. You might get some big orders from your friends or loved ones in your business.

Pisces:- Heavyweight planets are directly affecting the sectors of your chart that rule how the world views you, both professionally and personally. You continue to move away from false paths that no longer serve you well, or transforming them into more suitable ones. There can be emotional surges, but people will use these in a positive manner to fuel a greater level of effort. Make big plans and then start to carry them out. Change of position of Mercury will somewhat bring stability in financial condition. Investment in stock market will be advisable than trading in it for this week.