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Weekly Prediction for 10 to 16 July 2016


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Aries:- The beginning of this week may bring some worries in your life.  It might be from both end domestic and work.  Increase in fame for film and music sector people are likely.  Those in agriculture sector need to take care of corps due any sort of mismanagement by workers you may face the losses in coming future.  Competition in retail and marketing sector will be increasing so you need to sacrifice some of your needs and stay within the current job.  Minor health issues due to climatic changes might occur on Friday and Saturday.

Taurus:- You will feel fresh and stress free in this week as past days were of too much tension.  You might get some relief from your past injuries or diseases.  There is progress in legal matters but still it is wait and watch situation all things might not turn your favour.  Those in industrial business or in field work must take care of health on Wednesday and Thursday. You might be thinking of buying some new things for home or for personal use. Students will do well. Travelling will be hectic this week so avoid going for any long tour.

Gemini:- Sometimes bad communication skills put wrong impression on person this thing can happen in your professional life This is right time to update your knowledge and skills.  Minor misunderstanding between you and spouse is likely on Monday.  In politics you will be able to submit reports in time and higher authority might think about some increment or bonus.  Agriculturist will find success. On Friday there may be some quarrels, conflicts due to unnecessary reason with anyone so try to remain calm as this will increase your blood pressure level. Sports person will get honoured for their extra ordinary performance.

Cancer:- You concentrate heavily on money matters this week. Funds, loans, finances, will boost your self-confidence and pride. You want to experience travel and combine it with knowledge gathering. You are dreaming and planning for the future. Huge investments and large purchases may become a necessity. You must commit to only as much as you can deliver. Romantic relationship might go under some tense situation at the start of the week. You have to compromise at some situation at work place to finalize the deals otherwise it will be very difficult for you to get to any start or end of anything.

Leo:- You will be pleased thrilled and entertained, Pay close attention to discover a path to your goal. Those are in service will perform excellent. You must be praised by others. You will able to win heart of your superiors. In politics and social sector you need to take proper steps for coming election even you have to keep watch on activities and strategies of your opposition. Don’t get tense by it but precaution is always better luck is favouring you so you will be on the winning side. Those in agriculture sector will get financial help and can recover their losses in past.

Virgo:- The tough days are over and you climb the peaks of success from now on. You have works hard for it and gone through very difficult times in the past. Talkative nature of yours is going to handle to business deals. In job you will be successfully completing your assignments in time. Students have to be practical. Divorced people may get a new partner after/during a short or long distance journey. A change in the way you speech or the tone of your voice might result in significant changes in your family life. Film stars will get new opportunities and great success in coming period.

Libra:- Don’t let challenges or hurdles weigh you down, focus your energies on finding practical solutions. Carelessness at home could lead to minor mishaps at the start of the week. You might find your romance restrictive and may want some time and space to follow your agenda. Care is necessary in dealings with agents, messengers, servants, inferiors, or those who transact business for others, such as solicitors, lawyers, and literary persons; caution is advisable with regard to letters, writing, and in all correspondence. Majority of work which needed sanction from higher authority must be done after Wednesday.

Scorpio:- You are more balanced and look at new ideas and new achievements. There could be business collaborations. There is a tremendous rise in your position, popularity and authority. You will get satisfied about the hard work taken at the time of elections for your party by your supporters and coordinators as you might see increase in your seats. Minor hurdles may occur on Thursday and Friday while completing or submitting your assignments, if you have the choice of yours to decide a date for your presentation or any important task just avoid these days.

Sagittarius:- By dedicated hard work if you can satisfy the hard-core taskmasters, then you can reap benefits; your rank, remuneration and popularity all will increase if you can change your attitude and work sincerely. Joy and pleasure can be found in your family connections and experiences and/or your home life. Your co-workers will get impress with your ideas and plans and will be supportive while expressing them to seniors. You may come into contact with some new knowledgeable person who can help or guide you in your stuck deals or agreements mostly related to finances. Romantic relationship will be fine.

Capricorn:- Those in poultry farm or agriculture business will make profit. Sons will make their dad’s proud. Entrepreneurs and actors will find the week extremely productive. Your importance at work place will get increase and your seniors will feel that some difficult issues may not get solved without your interference. You have put in lot in terms of ideas, effort and commitment and this is the time for reaping the harvest. There is good chance that you will also be involved in trade and travel. Due some incorrect decisions by higher authorities you may need to face the battlefield which you have to tackle with new tactics.

Aquarius:- The difficulties of the past have been well and truly surmounted. You find time to recharge your batteries and decide on some uplifting human interactions and good socialising. Funds and your income will be in sharp focus and you use them wisely with your creativity and imagination. You need to utilize more time for dedicated work as you know that to bring up your financial needs you have to increase your income. At Wednesday don’t give any commitment to anybody. Sportsperson will regain confidence as their performance is going to be highlighted. Students must take care of health.

Pisces:- Workplace feuds and arguments are likely during this week.  If you are in relationship with someone, you will experience unexpected problems. There would be a lack of mutual understanding with your partner. Even breakup is also possible.  Health concerns may trouble you in the mid of the week. Some of you will form an attachment to a spiritual group or community, while others journey to the inner world, encountering hidden truths or exploring the hidden realms of your creative or spiritual potential.  Those in politics and social sector must take proper steps and decision for future elections.