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Daily Horoscope for Thursday, September 14, 2017


Aries:- You will remain little bit tense about some domestic problems in the morning.  Display leadership qualities by giving others a stake in the outcome of your projects.

Taurus:- Certain projects or contracts may be taking longer to materialise, but stay calm and don’t do any hasty things. Minor health issues may be seen in the evening.

Gemini:- You can be creative genius or social worker or someone who scales the peaks of fiscal triumph. Your financial graph will be turning into a good uptrend now so don’t worry much about your debt.

Cancer:- There will be changes in your interests and there will something new going in your mind and this may lead to some distraction from your recent work today. Romance is in the air.

Leo:- Leos hate subordination but indulge in voluntary work. Do not strain too much as it may result in a nervous breakdown. Victory over enemies is possible. Love affair may bloom.

Virgo:- Good prospects for business are available today. If there are personal matters or business matters which need to be sorted out try doing it today. Love affairs may bloom.

Libra:- Librans show great interest in decorating their homes. Librans are expert in love and very sincere and passionate. Today focus on proving your efficiency. It is likely to be a busy day.

Scorpio:- There are some romantic emotional moments with life partner or with co-worker. But your partners will find it difficult to understand your complex moods. A promotion is in the cards for some of you.

Sagittarius:- If you discuss your problems and take advice of elderly person in your family that will certainly boost your confidence level to face the issues. Romance is in the air.

Capricorn:- You and your loved one may experience misunder-standings leading to arguments and discord.  Violent disputes about shared property and accommodation are quite possible.

Aquarius:- You certainly express yourself wonderfully and vocally in group activities, but not by being rigid, too stubborn to bend. You will be successful both in professional and domestic front today.

Pisces:- Your thinking and finding solutions on problems at your work place may differ from your seniors and this will bring disappointment today. Don’t get involved in any type of speculation.