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Daily Horoscope for Friday, September 22, 2017



Aries: – You are fond of entertain guest at home and will provide reliable company. Expect gains through stock market. Status in the society will shoot up.

Taurus:- Be ready to manage even the smallest situation that comes up with family or a loved one. Ignoring a small warning sign could result in major issues down the road.

Gemini: – You are fond of arranging your homes in order and keep everything in place. Unexpected gains are possible in stock market. Health will be troublesome today. Any sort of dealings will not be successful.

Cancer: – Don’t get too emotional know what your partner expect from you. There will be success in business, politics social work. A passionate love affair is on the cards today.

Leo: – you are practical ambitious serious and focusing on what will be to your advantage at work. Talking more clearly in business deals will be beneficial and will not create any further issues.

Virgo: – Those in cosmetic and modelling sectors will get a new platform for their business and career. Spend some time with your spouse to understand his/her feelings.

Libra: – Your ability of doing hard work and also completing it before dead line will be highly appreciated. Those in music and arts sector will do well today.

Scorpio: – You are calm and contented and find marvellous emotional balance. This is time where you have to just watch and see the activities of your enemies and not to react or take any immediate action on them.

Sagittarius:- Trust your instincts if you feel there is more to a situation than meets the eye and proceed cautiously. New agreements finalised now have the potential to succeed. Pay attention to the need of elders.

Capricorn:- There will be genuine progress and you will be able to afford the good things of life. You will make right moves to achieve your goals in professional life.

Aquarius:- You may want to come up with better ways to strike the right balance between career and personal commitments as loved ones may be feeling alienated due to your inability to spend time with them.

Pisces:- Sudden changes at work could force you to rework your strategy. You may feel the need for space in your romantic relationship but don’t make important decisions without consulting your partner.