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Today’s horoscope by Nilikash P. Pradhan



Aries:- You will work hard and obtain from the results by your courage and competence. Your social horizons should widen, and you will quit obsessing about your current love.

Taurus:- You will now enjoy opening up to new people, experiences and expectations with gusto and fervour. You are in furious communication mode and reach out to all.

Gemini:- You may seriously consider moving or rearranging your domestic situation because of emotional or financial considerations. There will be minor disappointment at your work place.

Cancer:- Your growth at all levels will be happening at double quick time today. You will be mentally stimulated and loving every moment of it. There is a chance of a new relationship developing.

Leo:– You should try to gain control over your emotions and try to view the happenings in their proper perspective. Disappointments and disillusionments are common at the juncture.

Virgo:- It is advisable to control your expenses today as high expenses will put you into trouble. Instability in every sector is going to disappoint you. Romantic relationships could be intense.

Libra:- Those in real estate ventures will flourish today. You are likely to be in happy and optimistic mood. Writers, journalists will have a good day. There will be gains through stock market.

Scorpio:- Unique and interesting new opportunities will bring pleasant surprises. Romantic relationships will bring happiness. Those in management and medical field will do well.

Sagittarius: -You realize that your won happiness is a by-product of the happiness of people around you. There is lot of entertaining and you spend lavishly on your family and friends.

Capricorn: – There is a chance of new and meaningful relationships developing. There is a lot of social intercourse and you are happy that is all working out well for you personally, professionally and socially.

Aquarius: – Surprising announcement will elevate. You will feel enthusiastic and optimistic about work and will put your heart and soul into it. Work also helps you escape from all that is bothering you.

Pisces: – Financial liquidity is both necessary and desirable if your goal has to be realistically achieved. You are driven and determined. But there are many moments of anxiety and bouts of depression.