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Today’s horoscope by Nilikash P. Pradhan



Aries:– Your work will be appreciated by your seniors. There will be progress seen in your professional life. You might get into contact with your old friend and he/she might share feelings with you.

Taurus:– Financial gains are there in property and restaurant business. Seniors at work place will recommend your name for challenging projects. Drive with your family will reduce stress.

Gemini:- There will be flashes of brilliance and productivity coupled with equal mental silence and a lack of drive to do anything. Singles will find it easy to meet members of the opposite sex.

Cancer:– Some moments of life are hard to forget like this only your ability of completing your tasks as per commitment will also be in the memories of your seniors.

Leo:- You have to focus on your projects and assignment and must take care that they are going to complete in time. Relationship with opposite sex will be improving. Rise in income is likely.

Virgo:– Your hidden enemies may try to weaken your financial condition. Your lethargic nature may affect your profession. You may have to face problems in getting the support of friends.

Libra:- You will win respect in political and social sector. There will be higher growth seen in business. You can stay consistent with your performance in sports and arts sector.

Scorpio:- Financial institutions will grant additional loans and support you. You may receive your money back from the borrower. You will resolve the relationships with your loved ones.

Sagittarius:- Your business will prosper and means of communication will help getting your work done at the right time. Your health will be good but you may become very anxious and temperamental.

Capricorn:– The most unpromising situation can suddenly transform into a unique opportunity. Do not try to make your partner over or control his behaviour, or it will backfire on you and you may well blow it.

Aquarius:- There is a good possibility of exciting progress in some are of your health. Your reputation is very important in your field and career. You will feel more positive and more receptive to the relations.

Pisces:- You may feel somewhat relax today as domestic
problems will get vanished and this may help you to concentrate more on your professional life. Students may find reputed institute for their higher studies.