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Today’s horoscope By Nilikash P Pradhan



Aries:- Introduction to new field and people will bring some excitement in your life. Shopping and spending for your family members is likely. Jobseekers will get new opportunities.

Taurus:- It is a great time for learning and production initiatives, but there is a recurring problem in connection with deceit or misunderstandings, especially at the end of day.

Gemini:- Today is likely to be an adventurous day. You will find that you happily bounce from one subject to next. Your relationship with colleagues is likely to improve.

Cancer:- Quick decision in business or profession may be wrong today. Anywhere your work will go slow so don’t get frustrated, your temper may get rise.

Leo:- The planetary positions are favourable for you so that there are no concerns in the field of health. Keep a balance between stress and strain and make sure you do not expend all your energy at one go.

Virgo:- Let time pass a little bit; good time is coming very soon. You will be on the verge of great success. There will be fame and money both on your side. Travel plans can be made.

Libra:- Opposite sex people will get attracted. Singles may find their partner. Writers will get new scripts and ideas. You are likely to be in happy and optimistic mood.

Scorpio:- You will think of changing your standard of life by buying new vehicle or things. There will be new job opportunities. Get out in public and look to their worries & needs if you are in social sector.

Sagittarius:- Career change will be associated with change of residence too. You will move to a nice and bigger place. There will be material gains and recognition from superiors nonetheless

Capricorn:- Put networking into high gear by being a leader instead of a follower. Don’t be bashful about extending invitations, contacting business associates.

Aquarius:- Political leaders indeed have a good time. You will gain special recognition in the people. You will defeat your competitors and give a new direction to your career.

Pisces:- You will be successful in a number of your plans through your friends. Avoiding a fickle behaviour would be the first step to pour your heart out to your beloved.  Foreign projects keep you busy.