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Sridevi’s death: Alignment of stars of Superstar Sridevi took the shine away, leading to her downfall


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Sridevi passed away on Saturday in Dubai and she was just 54. The actress was first female superstar of Bollywood and took the industry by storm in 80s and 90s. But unfortunately, things didn’t go well for the actress after 2000 and she started losing her fame due to faults in her star. According to astrologer Pradeep Kiradoo who studied Sridevi’s stars and came across some mind-blowing things about the actress health, fame and money.

Since 1985 till 2000 Sridevi was at the peak of her career and she was one of the top actresses in Bollywood, as per astrologer Pradeep, the reason behind her fame is Rahu which helped the stars of the actress and made her first female superstar of Bollywood.

But unfortunately, her fame started to drop after 2000 and continued to drop further till 2016 because of Guru, which had major effect on her life and career, she was under debt as well.

In 2016 Sridevi’s Shani added more trouble in her life and it was the worst time for her. When Shani brings a lot of pain for the human in the initial phase, which later subsides.

After Shani’s effect got over, she got stuck in Rahu which made her life and health more complicated. So, since July 2017 till February 2019 her Rahu was at the peak which resulted in bad health. And on February 24, 2018 she was found dead in Dubai hotel.