Free Press Journal

forecast for 16 May 2016


Aries:- Be on the watch for false reports at work place. There will be additional responsibility at work place. Do not over push yourself or become tense work steadily.

Taurus:- You may turn to prayer, spirituality and meditation and this may clean up your negativity in your mind. Business proposal will be more attracting but carefully deal with it.

Gemini:- You may come up with cost-effective initiatives for your home or company finances. Set your mind to it and you will generate good ideas.

Cancer:- You might get gains through property dealing or those in agriculture sector. This is good time for starting any retail business related to food and garments. Romance is in the air.

Leo:- Better communication with loved ones shall see you through all these hardships. Your social life would be good. Those in politics and social work have to take important decisions quickly.

Virgo:- Today you could lend a hand to an elderly relative or friend. You are likely to meet lot of opposite sex people and possible love prospects. It is vital to learn to accept people.

Libra:- Don’t take on new commitments that don’t interest you, as you might be unable to devote proper time to them. You might find your romance restrictive and may want some time and space to follow your own agenda.

Scorpio:- Argument will increase more problems at your work place today. Control your tongue and keep your personal views and opinions to yourself like a diplomat.

Sagittarius:- Concentration and focus in study will increase. Further education with scholarship shall take place. You may be able to solve the problems of your siblings. Helping colleagues will be appreciated.

Capricorn:- You might research on new subjects and ideas today. New contacts in social gathering will increase your excitement. In business there will be some amount of stability.

Aquarius:- You will work hard and obtain from the results by your courage and competence. Your social horizons should widen, and you will quit obsessing about your current love.

Pisces:- Limitations and restrictions make things uncomfortable and depressing for you. Exercise maximum control and do not allow yourself to lose your temper as you stand to risk things and gains you earned lately.