Free Press Journal

Daily Prediction 23 to 28 May 2016


Aries:- Things may not work out as per your schedule and this will be disturbing you. You have to go through each and every rule and not to do any illegal things if you are in politics and social sector.

Taurus:- Your romance reaches new heights and you learn to accept the differences and love unconditionally now. Your love is unaffected by the social evils of caste and class and you are both excited and anxious regarding this new relationship that is in the making.

Gemini:- You have to bear the consequences of your actions so act responsibly and wisely. You now want to remain unperturbed by the complexities of emotions and enjoy all the worldly pleasures with your significant one.

Cancer:- You will be accepting challenges and ready to face any obstacles in your life as your confidence level is going to grow. There are chances of positive moments in acting and sports sector.

Leo:- You might feel like a Failure because your career plans have not been the way you had planned. There might be some upsets at work due to superiors who are not supportive or colleagues who are envious.

Virgo:- There are good possibilities of success in exams or essential interviews. There are strong possibilities of change of residence, long distance journeys or transfer.

Libra:- There is a stroke of luck, success in ventures and joy in both marital and domestic life. If you’re in writing, publishing or intellectual works, you will find loads of opportunities and your creative juices flow amazingly.

Scorpio:- You try to multi-task and juggle several things simultaneously much to your discomfort as your schedule gets even more frantic. Romantic relationship will be fine today.

Sagittarius:- You’ll feel your magic touch is back. Just ensure that you put in effort and preparation as well and you’ll turn your good luck into even more solid achievements.

Capricorn:- New projects will come your way that will bring some boost in your career. Only take care while presenting your ideas with your seniors there can be little misunderstanding with them.

Aquarius:- There is expansion in several spheres, workwise and a lot of money needs to be invested. Gains come, and so do happiness and wish-fulfilment. Children will give happiness.

Pisces:- Legal and foreign matters must be handled tactfully. You handle the public effectively, and are strong in organisational work. Take precaution while doing big money transaction.