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Daily Horoscope for 15th August


Aries:- You`ll be persistent and will not give up even if you don`t succeed in your first try. Friends will be very supportive. Students will perform well in their exams.  You may have fruitful journeys and pleasure-trips.

Taurus:– You will attract very positive offers that deserve some careful thought and time. It is a time of exciting new opportunities so be prepared and do not let this pass you by. Things will certainly look up for you on the career front.

Gemini:- Today great commitments and equally great communication determination all come together to you. There is the depth of sensual and emotional sharing which is profoundly satisfying.

Cancer:- You have managed to put your affairs in order in a very big way in terms of both money matters and domestic issues. Both will now go smoothly and there is a certain sense and mood of relaxation, the easing of tensions.

Leo: – Cautious while maintaining honour. Do not strain too much as it may result in a nervous breakdown. Take care of health don’t eat junk food. In job seniors may recommend others name at a very last moment.

Virgo: – Unexpected gains are possible. Court matter decision will be in your favour. Students of engineering or technical will get success. An affair of the heart will change life’s outlook.

Libra:- There are good and warm interactions within the family and also in larger group. There are possibilities of getting into business or job. A short tour with family members will freshen up.

Scorpio:- There will be flurry of relationships; you will be reaching out to all corners. There will be indiscretion and errors but that is the mood you are in. You also look at various money making opportunities.

Sagittarius: – Good for agency business. Boss will get impress on your intellectual statements in conference. You will be victorious over your enemies in politics.

Capricorn: – Worries anxieties must be kept aside as gains come through speculation cinema, music and trading in stocks. Medical students will do well. Your charitable and self confident nature will help you in social and political sector.

Aquarius:– Work load is irritating and disturbing you as you are not able to give time for your loved ones. You need to diplomatically handle some issues otherwise conflicts are likely.

Pisces:- You need to go to the bottom to find out which things are going wrong rather than blaming your juniors for stuck projects. Those in construction and real estate business need to start recovering their money quickly.