Free Press Journal


Your Day

By  Nilikash P. Pradhan

Aries:- You may need to take a loan for expansion at work or at home. Funds will make themselves available to you. There will be misunderstandings with siblings today.

Taurus:- You will find it easy to gain acceptance for your ideas and views if you wait for the right moment to bring them up. Writers will have a good day. Family matters will get resolved.

Gemini:- You will need to understand the feelings of your life partner before expressing any harsh words. There might be tense moments at work place. Be cautious while on wheels.

Cancer:- You need to concentrate and work on your draw backs before standing in front of opposition especially if you are in politics and social sector. Real estate business might see slow down.

Leo:- Don’t place all your cards open while doing any negotiation for any big business deal. Engineers and contractors may have to solve out any disputes between labourers to continue their project.

Virgo:- Increments are not likely now which be very much depressing you. Even minor problems at home will bring more tensions and stress. This is the time to make your mind stable even if so much is going around you.

Libra:- You find more enjoyment in the work you do, and it is easier than usual to find employment now. If you’re looking for love then you could soon find yourself thinking more seriously about relationships and even considering making a commitment.

Scorpio:- You are sitting on losses in business and try to come up but somehow you have to face one or other problems which brings you again to the same situation or position. It’s time to spend some moment with loved ones and leave other things apart for time being.

Sagittarius:- There is some danger to your health if you don’t take proper steps to take care of it. Sometimes problems are too small but you look with some different perspective and think they are too big and take tension of it.

Capricorn:- You will have considerable work pressure and you will also be involved in unrewarding jobs. Your health is likely to deteriorate. Your workaholic tendencies will be off the charts.

Aquarius:- Try to be patient with yourself and more caring about your physical needs. See the other side of things or the other point of view before you express yourself.

Pisces:- Sportsmen should concentrate on building team spirit now. Politicians and celebrities can be in the limelight. You handle matters relating to parents well and gain wise counsel.