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The Story of Gynecomastia: a story of depression, compassion and joy!


Parminder Singh (name changed) is a student of 9th standard in a reputed public school in Delhi. He was always a little on the chubby side, though not obese. He was a very active child and always preferred outdoor sports with his friends. Swimming had always been his passion. Parminder and water were inseparable. In family trips to coastal cities, he would be the first to jump into water at the beach. But, something started to happen to him when he came to 7th standard, at about 12 years of age.

Parminder’s mother noticed that he was becoming quiet. He would talk less and always appeared preoccupied in his thoughts. A brilliant student earlier, his focus on studies was faltering. In 7th standard his class grades were slipping badly. An extrovert talkative boy was becoming a brooding introvert. His enthusiasm for swimming in pools or going to beach was waning. Parminder no longer asked for swimming pool permissions. He was losing interest in his friends’ group activities. It appeared that he was withdrawing from outside world into a depressive world of his own. The change was too noticeable, and his parents didn’t miss it.

Mother of Parminder, worried, would now regularly sit with him after he returned from school and try to converse and gently explore as to what was bothering him, why he was becoming depressed. It was only after several days of persistent efforts that Parminder finally opened. He told his mother what was bothering him. He told that ‘his chest was turning into a female chest’! He was developing breasts! Why was this happening to him? He was not fat and had a healthy regular sports routine- then why this? His friends also noticed the two bulges on his chest and often passed mocking comments. That is the reason he didn’t want to go for swimming anymore because he would have to take off his shirt and vest. He no longer wanted to be with his earlier friends as someone from among them would pass a humiliating comment which he would not tolerate and may get into a fight.

The revelation came as a complete surprise and shock to Parminder’s parents. They always thought that perhaps the change in behaviour and his personality was natural as part of his growing up and putting on some weight but, they never realized that it could be because he was developing breasts on his chest. Then, it was Parminder himself who told his parents that he had extensively surfed the internet and looked around for the cause of his problem. He had been searching and researching on the internet for the last six months and was now convinced what the problem was.

He had developed GYNECOMASTIA! He had developed a condition where male chest turns looking like a female chest or male breasts. He showed his chest to his mother. With unbelieving wide eyes, Parminder’s mother saw two breasts sitting on her son’s chest.

About Gynecomastia or Male Breasts:

Gynecomastia surgery or Male Breast Reduction surgery is on the rise these days and becoming one of the most popular surgeries for boys and men. Gynecomastia results from an imbalance between androgen (male hormone) and estrogen (female hormone) at the time of puberty. In some boys, there is a fall in male hormone at the time of puberty for a variable period, instead of a rise. 25-30% of boys tend to develop this condition. However, increasing obesity among young boys is causing the incidence to rise. Childhood obesity is another reason that has become a major concern in recent times. Most of the men with Gynecomastia are embarrassed by their condition of enlargement of their breasts. This is the reason more and more men are choosing to go for Gynecomastia surgery either to get a model physique or to have a flatter more natural looking chest.

Traditionally, the surgery is performed under full body anesthesia (general anesthesia) with admission in hospital for a day or two. There are other factors that commonly take place like bleeding, drain tubes, pain for few days, late recovery and late resumption of normal activities and some other issues, while the body tries to adapt to the changes surgeries. However, the inception of the Tumescent Awake Technique, totally under local anesthesia, has changed the typical scenario completely.

Patient remains awake throughout or may go to sleep. Surgery is completely painless, bloodless and like an office procedure. Patients come after breakfast, get their surgery done and go home immediately after some refreshment following surgery. They can go to their work from the very next day. Tumescent technique is the best way of doing this surgery. It has a very high safety profile. During Gynecomastia surgery, both mammary glands and breast fat are removed. Results are permanent. Cost of Gynecomastia surgery is very reasonable in tumescent technique. It has virtually eliminated all side effects and made this surgery safe with excellent results.