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Simple ways to burn calories at your workplace


Stuck up in a desk job that is inevitably piling up weight around your mid-section? You look around and wonder when the universe conspired against you to make you “fatter’. Your stomach feels turgid but you don’t know what to do.

Don’t look any further, for we are here with some easy tips for you to burn some calories and help you to feel lighter!

Desk exercise

Sit straight on your chair with your feet firmly on the ground. Lift your legs parallel to the ground. Lift them as much as possible and hold for 5- 7 seconds. Bring them down. Repeat 10 times and lo and behold! You have already lost calories!


Talk, instead of emailing

Is there some message you want to convey to another colleague? Go to their desk and talk to them instead of sitting at your desk and sending them emails. That way, you have lesser mails to delete in order to de-clutter your inbox and you are burning calories as well.



Yes, smiling a lot is proven to burn calories. It does not mean that you keep smiling all the time but twenty minutes every day, in installments of course, can burn about 100 calories. Not only that, it does put you in a happy mood. The happier you are, the more productive you can be!


Utilise breaks

Instead of ordering another cup of tea or coffee, get some fresh air. Walk a while and then come back inside your cabin. It helps to freshen you up rather than being cloistered in your cabin the entire day, feeling claustrophobic or if nothing else, jailed!

Park your vehicle at a safe distance

Wondering how that would help? You will walk to your office, that way! Brisk walk is the key! Brisk walking has so many benefits that you might consider leaving your vehicle in the car-porch some day! Well, not literally, if your workplace is too far from your home.


So burn calories at workplace with simple, easy steps! Cheers to a lighter you.

Disclaimer: The view shared in this article is purely the author’s own. If any part seems offensive or hurtful, we extend our most sincere apologies. Also, this article is purely for a general-information point of view. Those suffering from any life-altering disease should consult the physician before attempting to try any of the tips written here.