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Selfie culture here to stay: experts



Boston: As many as 85 per cent respondents in a new survey said they post a selfie once a week on social media sites, according to experts who suggest the selfie phenomenon is here to stay. A new report examined the culture of selfies, including why people are interested in them, what purpose they serve and how people can use selfies to express themselves. “We wanted to explore not only how selfies are used today, but how they may be used in the future, said Marie Baker, digital account manager at communications agency Coyne PR, which released the report. “It’s still a popular type of content and still relevant for society and culture to pay attention to. Within the report, we also looked at how selfies have penetrated culture from university courses to inventions – the selfies are definitely not going away any time soon!” Baker said.

About 85 per cent of survey responders said they post a selfie once a week on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, ‘The Daily Free Press’ reported. The survey also found that 82 per cent of responders take selfies because they want to show off something new, such as clothing or a hairstyle.

Elizabeth Crocker, a graduate research assistant at Boston University, said new technology has allowed more people to express themselves through selfies. “It’s so easy everyone can do it, and if you screw up, you can just delete it. Everyone can take selfies. It’s no longer something you need to be an artist to capture the self portrait or someone who has an expensive camera,” she said.