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Pedal Away the City Blues


Cycling is not a fad in India. Millions of people cycle across the towns and cities of the sub-continent. The morning newspaper boy and milkmen are the first images that come to mind and Mumbai’s famous dabbawallas also use the cycle to negotiate that megacity. Now, the humble cycle is being reinvented as a great way to move around, thanks to better gear and technology. It is not uncommon to see corporate kings strapped up on a geared bike, pedaling furiously towards their tech park workplaces. There are many great reasons why cycling is making a comeback in Indian cities.

Get into Shape

A healthy lifestyle beckons to those who decide to adopt the bicycle as their mode of transport. Modern lifestyles are an exercise of accumulating stress and extra calories. Schedules barely allow breathing space, let alone a good couple of hours dedicated to the gym. Cycling is a functional exercise, getting a person from point A to point B while also helping those calories get burnt. It is considered a healthier alternative to the treadmill as it is more gentle on the joints.

An Efficient Mode of Transport

The terrain of most Indian cities is cycle-friendly and at times, these are the handiest ways to negotiate gridlocks. One can lift a cycle or push it around for a short distance even, a blend of walking and pedaling, to avoid congested roads and complicated one-ways.

Saving Money and the Environment

Fuel prices are the seed of every economic debate and affect daily lives in so many ways. Many cycling enthusiasts are saving thousands of rupees with by skipping the motors for routes they are familiar with. There is no need for an investment if one intends to try out cycling. One can rent a cycle online at a very small price.

Cycling also takes no toll on the environment. With air pollution becoming a serious talking point everywhere, cycling is one sure shot way to combating the problem.

Recreational Trips

The cities of India provide a vibrant canvas of culture and heritage, some of which becomes invisible beneath the veneer of fast-paced transport. Cycling tours allow the participants to pause and explore the nooks and crannies at their own pace. They are also a fun way to bond with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

Things to Watch Out

Of course, cycling comes with its precautions. It is best used for familiar routes that do not see high-speed traffic. One should avoid highways and roads that are extensively used by heavy vehicles. Protective gear is a must along with reflectors, the latter crucial for bad light scenarios. Cyclists should also stick to the left side of the road, away from faster traffic.

A modern cycle rental like Pedl provides a cashless platform where one can pick up a cycle from a station and use for any amount of time. Try out this simple form of transportation and rediscover the joys of the city.

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