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New T-Rex documentary to build, then dissect life-size dino model



Melbourne : A new documentary will build and then dissect a life-size model of the T-Rex.

National Geographic has asked American palaeontologist Steve Brusatte, who has described over 10 new species of fossil animals, to take part in the new documentary, reported.

The 31-year-old anatomy specialist said that he jumped at the chance because, over time, films have made dinosaurs become more fantasy and less realistic, adding that he wanted to build a model of the T-Rex that was completely accurate and in line with current science.

This desire for perfection left Brusatte and the team behind T-Rex Autopsy with the painstaking task of recreating natures most feared predator from the inside out.

He added that this project, which allowed him not only see bones, but muscles, skin, feathers and organs of the “most famous and awesome dinosaur of all time,” is a fresh take on all the dinosaur information that floods the internet, books and television.

T-Rex Autopsy will premier 7 June at 6.30pm on National Geographic Channel.