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May the Monsoons be ever in your favour



KHUSHNUMA JABULEE gives you great tips on how to prepare for the Mumbai monsoons

As someone who has lived in Mumbai for all the 23 years of my life, I can say with utmost confidence that there are some seasons most Mumbaikars are wary of. Summer is like hell on Earth in most parts of India, including Mumbai. Post summer comes the monsoons which promise to provide relief to the heat stricken parts of the city. Sometimes though, it goes overboard and manages to cause the most inconvenience imaginable.

Some of the most painful parts about the monsoons are delayed public transport services, getting splashed with water from moving vehicles, slipping, getting stuck in the rains due to a heavy downpour and the list goes on.

On the flipside, there are a few good things about the season as well, like having a handcrafted excuse for arriving late to work, schools and colleges getting cancelled due to heavy downpours and most importantly, rains provide relief to the grief stricken farmers who wait for the season all year long.

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain, but the rain in Mumbai turns the lives of most of its residents upside down.So whether you are new to the city or a veteran, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you tackle the 2ndlead1monsoons with a new fervor.

  1. Never leave home without an umbrella, a windcheater or a raincoat:

Always carry an umbrella, a windcheater or a raincoat with you wherever you go. When it is pouring very heavily, carry both, the umbrella and the raincoat, as the umbrella might not provide you with enough protection due to the heavy winds that accompany the rain. Simply due to these factors, avoid using umbrellas in areas close to the sea as they end up causing more hindrance than being useful. In these cases, simply use a raincoat that will cover you from head to knee and keep you safe. Also remember to buy a very sturdy umbrella or else it will get bent and broken even before half the season has been done with.

  1. A good pair of boots or rain sandals is a must:

This is the season where you forget your vanity and focus on the best possible ways to help you get through it. Buy a good pair of rain sandals, however ugly they are or a great pair of boots to get you through the season. Try avoiding wearing socks during the monsoons as they just get soggy, stink up your feet and make you feel uneasy throughout the day.

  1. Stock up the pantry at home:

Head to your nearest supermarket or kirana guy and stock up on regularly used raw food materials and packets. This will seriously help when there are heavy downpours or floods where you might not be able to leave home for days at a stretch. Food is always an essential, therefore keep it ready in the wings for times when you will need it. Always be safe than sorry.

  1. Leave home earlier than usual:

2ndlead2During the monsoons, most forms of public transport like buses, trains, rickshaws and taxis run late due to the heavy rains. Therefore it is advisable that you leave home at least half an hour earlier than you normally do to reach your work place, school or college on time.

Try to avoid sitting next to the windows in the buses and local trains as the seats there are wet. Another reason for avoiding sitting next to the window in buses and local trains is that you will come across two sets of people, one set of people are those who tell you to leave the window open due to the feeling of suffocation and the other are those who tell you to close it as they are getting drenched. You just can’t please everyone, so avoid doing that by not sitting next to the window.

  1. Keep your electronics safe:

While traveling to and fro destinations during the monsoons, place your laptops, phones and more in proper waterproof cases in order to keep them from getting spoilt. Easy ways to keep your phones safe are to put them in zip lock pouches which you will find anywhere on the streets, especially next to stations.

  1. Help out people in need:

There are times when the weather gets worse for wear and people are stuck in places far away from home. Remember, not everyone has their work places or colleges close by. Some travel a great length to get to their destinations. If you think that the weather is only going to get worse from there on, then invite your friend or co-worker to stay over at your home rather than letting them travel all the way back in bad circumstances.

  1. Lastly, just enjoy the rains from within the comfort of your home:

You don’t always have to be in prep mode for the monsoons. Make some peaceful and serene moments count by simply sitting at your window or balcony with a hot cup of ginger tea and a plate full of your favourite bhajiyas while admiring the beauty of the rains. Nothing is perfect, but make the most of it nonetheless.