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Health supplements could soon be the new fitness mantra


Supplements help build metabolism against ailments and assist in living a healthier life

Disha Prashant takes you through the ever-growing world of supplements that are supposedly doing their bit to help people have a healthy lifestyle and enduring life

The dream of staying in the pink of health begins with a step that explores avenues of health-and-wellness mediums to make that dream come true. A wholesome fitness resolution is not just about hitting the gym to get your BMI in order. Being ‘fit’ is about maintaining yourself: In bodyweight, mental health and even your diet. The new century has brought with it a whole bunch of over-the-top exciting elements, here to make our otherwise monotonous life a tad more exciting.

We are talking about the wide range of health and fitness supplements that are making a splash in India after having earned their place on shelves across the globe. This is a testament that we are rapidly moving into a world where health-conscious people are a bit of in a hurry too, even if they are becoming quite conscious about their way of life. Which is why irrespective of whether you want to cull the aging symptoms, or get ahead of that sedentary lifestyle, health supplements will come to your rescue, and are probably going to be a mainstay in your diet.

We all know that food has a keen relationship with health and youth. Now, Indians, too, are taking interest in their diet with the wish to look and feel younger. Enter dietary supplements. But beware, this particular global business and market comes with its own honeytraps: Some of these assorted supplements are meant to give you a healthy lifestyle, while there is a whole gamut of products that look like bewitching cure-all elixirs, meant for poor souls who fall for brilliant marketing ploys.

The bulk behind it

Supplements, whether health or dietary, are gaining foothold in recent times — thanks to the omnipresent social media, and other fitness marketing elements. However, according to Kanchan Patwardhan, Clinical Dietician and Nutritionist, it is pivotal to understand the need to consume these supplements. Sharing her insights, she said, “There is a lot going on with regards to health and dietary supplements thanks to new initiatives being taken in this field. Some of the latest supplements, though, thronging the market might help in getting a bulkier body but they are actually damaging the immune system in the longer run.”

“Supplements are to help you build your metabolism against ailments and help you in living a healthier lifestyle. We as nutritionists consult on supplements depending upon deficiency faced by the patient. There is no harm in consuming supplements until you are seeking proper clinical guidance,” she added, while explaining the importance of clinical supervision.

With a global turnover of over USD82 billion, this industry is booming with each passing minute. Statistics reveal that different supplements show a consistent yearly growth of five to six percent. With increased interest in living healthier, people have now begun believing in the power of health supplements.

Hey, it’s trending!

Another reason for this spurt of growth in the supplements industry is the active functioning of social media. One of the fastest growing mediums of marketing, social media is the place for people to access supplements and the stories behind it. A single run through the web and you are flooded with websites booming with products promising you a healthier lifestyle.

Kshitja Rai, a social media expert who works as a freelancer for companies that have supplement production units, has some interesting views to share about marketing these products. “I am constantly flooded with requests from people across the globe. They want information or guidance about the different kinds of supplements available,” she said. “One of the most common ‘concerns’ of consumers is their fear of suffering from any ailment that might makes them believe in the power of supplements,” she said, shedding light on the strong bond between social media and the growth of health supplements.

She also explains the marketing trends. “Companies today are looking at a broader spectrum; they are making consumers a part and parcel of their journey. With people moving to self-diagnosis, thanks to the web, companies are ensuring to provide the desired results with the help of supplements. Consumers today are thoroughly aware about preventive healthcare and take special measures to stay fit. A mere hashtag story and a voracious need to have the best of health is what this industry is working on,” Rai explained.

E-commerce for the win

Digitization has eased the path for the health and fitness industry. Because of the rise of e-commerce, the last few years have witnessed a sensational increase in sales for the supplements. Websites today make it a point to provide apt information about the products along with its nutritional value and the ratings in the international market.

Websites also provide live chat sessions with nutritionists and doctors who aid consumers to choose an apt supplement. There are now special health apps that help keep a track of a person’s activity and food intake, and also connects with a fitness expert for good medical advice.

“Consumers nowadays think holistic before investing; hence they are extra cautious when it comes to investing in supplements. Providing the best supplement, along with proper clinical guidance, is what product sellers are striving for. The glamorous rise of health experts has paved way for rise in sale of supplements, as people trust their advice and follow loyally,” said Madhura Lele, a research student working on health supplements and its rise.

“Companies now have also begun to take into serious consideration of the rules and regulations put forth by FDA so as to provide best supplements to its consumers. This steady rise will soon be seen making mini homes not just in our houses but also in our minds. A booming growth sector supplement manufacturing is the next big thing on the global map,” she said.

With this kind of rise, it’s won’t be far when the supplement industry might just take over the world. However, for them to have a consistent run at the top, continuous research along with ace marketing strategies, will be the way to go for this particular sector.