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Grab some lemongrass this Diwali



Ever felt like having lemon- flavored tea but just could not digest the fact that your mouth would twitch and so would your eyes at that tingly taste? Ever wanted to experiment with your morning cuppa but never felt confident enough to experiment and spoil the taste?

Well then, here’s something to your rescue- lemongrass! Yes, the thin long leaves which have the potential to cut your skin, but not as bad as paper cuts, can be that perfect alternative to lemon and maybe just more bearable.

It has got great things in store for you. What to know what they are? Here you go!

Detoxifying Cleanser

While you leave no stones unturned when it comes to your skin, delve a bit deeper. Here’s your chance to detoxy yourself from the inside. Cut one or two strands of lemongrass into small pieces and let it boil in the water meant for tea. Sit back and enjoy the mild flavor as it gets down to business, i.e. detoxifying you!


Reduces Arthritic Pain

Like many herbs, this is said to be a pain reliever. For arthritic pains, it is said to be beneficial. The next time you are in pain, head to the kitchen to brew yourself some lemongrass tea or water, as per your preference, rather than heading to grab pain killers (if possible). If the pain is too bad, you know what the obvious answer is – head to the physician, now!


Fights Cancer

Lemongrass is said to contain effective substances that fight cancerous cells. Even though it’s said to be beneficial, the oncologist’s words are more important. Depending upon the person’s body, requirements and allergies he/ she is prone to, steps might have to be taken accordingly.


Heals Colds and Flu

Not only does a cup of lemongrass flavored tea feel great when suffering from a cold, but it also relieves the stuffy feeling that is unavoidable and somewhat a pain!

So this time when a stuffy nose and an overall weakness due to cold grips you, you know where to find your rescuer.


Controls Cholesterol Levels

Diwali is round the corner and with the highly irresistible mithai boxes that keep accumulating from near and dear ones seems to go drooling at the sight, your body would silently sigh, thinking about the havoc that awaits thanks to the fluctuations in cholesterol levels if you are too lazy to burn the calories saying, “Chalta hai, festive season hai!” (It’s alright. After all it’s the festive season!)

To give some respite to your body, use lemongrass in your diet. Of course, that doesn’t compensate for all the extra calories you gather. For that, you may kindly head out and sweat it out.


Helps Digestion

Like I said earlier, with the extra doses of fat, it would become difficult for your body to carry out the digestive functions. This is where lemongrass can come to your rescue, yet again- by easing digestive functions! Phew… So now Diwali does not look too self-indulgingly scary, does it?

fast food


The citrus fragrance of lemongrass oil, when used in aroma therapies, has the power to revitalize the body. It relieves body ache, headaches and those symptoms of excessive exertion and stress. It also improves skin tone when used in massage therapy. So many reasons to indulge in some aromatherapy… That sounds so invigorating, already. Doesn’t it?


What are you waiting for? Go ahead, make the most of it!


Disclaimer: “Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint,” said Mark Twain. Similarly, when suffering from health disorders, do not hesitate to visit a physician. Drag yourself there because often, no web-search is as useful as a physician’s advice!