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Bring out your walking shoes… get, set, go!


Early mornings are beautiful, but you should be awake in order to experience that! I remember reading a story when in school. It was about a person’s experience when he went for morning-walks. I was so inspired by it that I had got up every morning at around 6 and even dragged my friend along for these walks. Truth be told, it was one of the best times of the day for me!

The chirping of the birds, the sounds and smells of early mornings (of milk cookers, of boiling tea leaves, of the sunshine slowly heading over to reveal a new day, of the dewdrops) give a different sort of high. It does seem like a better alternative than spending time in an artificially created walking space or inside a gym. It is also a better alternative than aerobics and definitely better than costly gym memberships that often leave a hole in pockets!

But why go for a brisk walk when you would rather pull your blanket tighter over you, unable to think of leaving your cozy bed, early in the morning? We give you a few reasons:

Morning alarm-clock

As you step out, geared up to face the rising sun, your body starts preparing as well, to accompany you! Yes, start walking slowly and then increase your pace. Find sweat beads forming? That’s your body’s way of saying that it has woken up and is with you, on the toes! As you keep walking, you can feel your body invigorated and more receptive. A good night’s sleep would be an added bonus. If not, then after this walk, a good night’s sleep would beckon.


Promotes good sleep

Human body’s alarm clock as well as sleep promoter? Stark contrast, right? But true, nevertheless. People are more likely to be relieved of insomnia when they go for brisk walks in the morning, for at least an hour as compared to those who do not.


Burns calories

So as you perspire, the fat in your body gets burnt. Want to lose weight? Brisk walking is the best way to do it. Forget jogging or heavy workouts and go for a brisk walk every morning for about half an hour at least. It would surely help to cut out that stubborn fat from your body.

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Tones muscles

Finding saggy muscles on your arms, thighs, stomack,calf? Work out a plan. Follow it. Brisk walking not only reduces your weight but also helps in toning the muscles of your body, giving them a new life and also enhancing the flexibility of your body. Cut the flab!


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Yes, you read it right. Walking helps relieve heart diseases and also helps in regulating the blood flow to all parts of the body. With improved circulation, blood pressure is also lowered. Thus, brisk walking strengthens the heart.


You might just live longer

A study has suggested that people, who walk faster, live longer! What must be noted here though is that it was not an interventional study. Only the relationship between natural walking speed and mortality risk were observed.


Relaxes mind, gives you time to be with yourself

It has often been observed by the author of this article that it is common to see people walking with earphones in their ears. Even though it might be their way of relaxation or purely their way of pursuing their hobby of listening to songs, one should try to avoid it. Instead, enjoy the sounds of nature- of the birds and plants welcoming a new day and of people and their pursuits!


Have a pet? Take it along!

When we are busy trying to juggle work and home along with office politics, family fights and a long list of other worries, a pet seems like a piece of peace! I am sure pet-lovers would know what I mean. Take it along with you on your walk. It would be an added joy. It would even encourage you to walk faster. Just don’t encourage it to venture anywhere, only to come back after creating a mess somewhere.


Be assured of an energetic day ahead

With the renewed ‘you’, you know that when someone is in low spirits, they don’t have to look any further. All they need to do it come to you or just near you. For there you are- exuding sunshine and positivity to everyone around you. It is proof of the brimming energy within you.


 Go seize the day, for, it is yours and only yours- to make or break! J

Disclaimer: The view shared in this article is purely the author’s own. If any part seems offensive or hurtful, we extend our most sincere apologies. Also, this article is purely for a general-information point of view. Those suffering from any life-altering disease should consult the physician before attempting to try any of the tips written here.