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Calcium, vitamin D supplements ‘don’t ease’ menopausal hot flushes



Washington: As per a new study, vitamin D and calcium supplements do not improve menopausal symptoms. The study found that women who took vitamin D and calcium supplements had the same number of menopausal symptoms as women who did not take the supplements. The study, which involved 34,157 women ages 50-79, is part of the Women’s Health Initiative, one of the largest clinical trials ever undertaken to address the most common causes of death, disability and impaired quality of life in menopausal women.

Lead author said that Erin S. LeBlanc the study suggests that women should not rely on vitamin D and calcium supplements to relieve menopausal symptoms, but there are important caveats, adding that the average age of the women at the start of our study was 64, but the average age of menopause is 51 and it’s around that time that the most severe symptoms usually occur. If people want to understand vitamin D’s effects on the most severe symptoms of menopause, they need to do a study in younger women, added LeBlanc.The study is published in journal Maturitas.