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Background music can help people fall in love


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Tokyo: Out on your first date? Make sure that the spot you pick has a soothing music running in the background to maximise your chances of falling in love. According to Japanese researchers, background music is an important aid to falling in love as soft music may alter people’s behaviour and make them more charming during conversation, Bustle magazine reported.  “The effects may be even stronger if people can choose their own music,” researchers from Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan said.

For the study, the team looked at 32 young people looking to meet up for konkatsu or “marriage hunting”.  The participants were divided into groups of four and told to keep conversation smooth.  Some groups had soft background playing during their conversations while others had no background music present.  The participants were then asked to rate their impression of their partner before and after the conversation.  The team found that background music “facilitated the feelings of love for the partner of the opposite sex”.  In other words, having music on helped make them fall in love, the authors said.