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Woods are lovely, dark & deep at Kanad-Kalakut


Indore: Set at a distance of 105 kilometres from Free Press office, Kanad-Kalakut is a scenic getaway in the woods, where one can explore nature and themselves in the meditative ambience. The place speaks volumes about nature’s beautiful glory and people around share some fun stories.

Adventurous trekking, family cooking, cool camping and relaxing getaway make this stretch at Kanad and Kalakut, a ‘must-visit’ place during this pleasant weather. You can drive all the way to the river. Still, people who wish to trek can enjoy adventure cycling and hitchhiking on hillocks.

While most of us have travelled down the main road that leads to Akhileshwar Dham, we haven’t explored the woods on the way. Explorers engineer Satish Mishra, Dr GS Tuteja and Dr RB Singh cycled to these interiors and found this adventurous place.

How to reach Kanad and KalAkut

kanad-kalakut-1To reach Kanad and Kalkut, one needs to depend upon local people at Akhileshwar Dham, because Google hasn’t traced these places. It is suggested to drive to Akhileshwar Dham then take directions from local people for nearby rivers. There are two rivers near the temple. Kanad river is close by, while Kalkut river flows in deep forests.

Though, there are patchy roadways in some parts, overall, one can drive comfortably to the river. To make the best of the forests, one should prefer driving slow or riding their bike.

Discover new species of trees and fragrances

roadsWhile we all have enough friends in the city, travellers often befriend trees in this forest. You can explore varieties of species of trees on the way.

While cacti draw some, others attract attention with their aroma.

Peaceful environment with beautiful skyline attract explorers. Amidst the tall trees, one can understand how little we are in front of their existence. If you ride slowly, you would be able to notice little flowers and creepers on gigantic trees.

With abundance of trees, air is cooler and fresher in these areas. It is suggested to plan the travel in the morning for bird watching. You can enjoy natural bird chirping musically on the way.

Travel Advisory

w         You should carry bottled water.

w         Wear your walking shoes, as one can explore and experience better on foot here.

w         For trekking, it is advisable to carry rope, hiking shoes and other gears. Do not trek without a guide.

w         If you are planning to take a dip in the pool, ensure that children stay close to you.

w         Carry a change of clothes and swimming costumes.

w         There are no food joints, so please carry packaged food or utensils to cook.

 White stones and flowing water

perhaps-the-perfect-place-to-meditateAs these rivers have not been explored much, they are clean and clear. You can enjoy dipping your feet in the cool flowing water, during your family picnic time. The water level is about three feet, which makes it safe for children to take a dip. Away from the city noise, you can hear the sound produced by the river as it flows over white rocks. In the pleasant weather, most explorers prefer cooking and resting near this river. The place is suitable for groups and family picnics. We would not suggest couples to travel through this forest alone.