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Will quit if charges proven against me: Nitin Gadkari


Nitin Gadkari

New Delhi: Under intense opposition attack, Nitin Gadkari today said in Rajya Sabha that he was willing to face any probe by the Finance Ministry and would quit as Minister as well as MP if charges against him were proven in any court. As the opposition continued to disrupt the Upper House for the third straight day, Gadkari made a statement for the second time in as many days to insist that CAG had nowhere said that he had done any wrong on the issue of repayment of loans by Purti Group which is linked to his family.

The Minister for Roads, Highways and Shipping insisted that there has been no “misappropriation” of funds or “irrigularities” and not a single rupee has been deposited in the Purti Group as subsidy. Dismissing all allegations by the Opposition, Gadkari said “If it is proved in any court of the world that I have indulged in corruption worth even Re 1, I am ready to quit not only from the ministership but also as an MP.”

Responding to questions posed by members and demands for a probe, he said “I am ready to face any inquiry on the issue by the Finance Ministry”. He said he has answers to all the questions and would respond as many times as the opposition asks. He said company had repaid loan amounting to Rs 72 crore with interest and not Rs 84 crore as is being claimed.

Opposition Congress, however, staged a walkout, saying they not satisfied with the Minister’s reply. “An impression is being created that we are raising the CAG report to stall passage of other bills in the House. The impression is wrong. We are unsatisfied with the Minister’s reply and are walking out,” Azad said.