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Will fast till AFSPA is repealed: Irom Sharmila


Imphal: Civil rights activist Irom Sharmila has said she will continue to use the democratic weapon of fasting to demand the repeal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958, from Manipur though the chances of its success are very bleak.

“What I am doing is for the people. I shall continue using the democratic weapon of fasting,” said Irom, also known as the ‘Iron Lady of Manipur’.

People who used to extend support to her campaign are wallowing in material pleasures, said Sharmila, who is on a fast-unto-death since November 4, 2000, over her demand.

A local court ordered her release from custody on Monday, saying she was not guilty of attempting to commit suicide.

Soon after her release on Monday evening, she walked to the foot of ‘Shahid Minar’ in Imphal to continue with her fast.

On Tuesday, a medical team visited the fast venue to check her health but she refused.

“I am disappointed by the way my democratic campaign is being obstructed in this greatest democracy. The government has been spending a huge amount of money every month looking after me. The money should be distributed to the poor instead,” she said.