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Why is Pakistani media obsessed with India?


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a very unique and a different country and even after 70 years of independence they can’t get enough of India. Pakistan is ravaged by poverty, terrorism, extremism, bigotry and other issues which have ruined their country for so many years. But, one thing where they outsmart India is their propaganda media and journalism. Pakistan despite being a democratic country is not free and is governed by fundamentalists and non-state actors.

If you browse through the internet and social media site YouTube, you will find that Pakistani media especially broadcasting one (TV medium) caters so much time to India and Indian personalities. They will usually bash India on Kashmir (it’s a given, India does the same), have debates on PM Narendra Modi, prominent chief ministers (more on that later), cricket, films and overall everything which is going on in India.

Pakistan might be a rogue country but their media is professional and while debating Indian subjects in their studios, they will have expert panel debating and discussing every tiny detail minutely. For example Pakistani liberal media is a big fan of PM Modi and will praise his policies on GST, demonetisation and often compare him with Imran Khan and will subtly take a dig at Khan about his non seriousness as politician compared to Modi, who they say has dedicated his life for India (Indian media should take a note).

Pakistani media praising India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi

It’s not that they are a fan of every Indian leader when it comes to Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath, Pakistani media becomes very hostile and says that India is not safe for minorities and is becoming a Hindu state. It sounds very amusing because Pakistan is sheltering and glorifying people like Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi and who can forget that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan.

Cricket is very popular in Pakistan as well and the poor brainwashed anchors say that their version of Indian Premier League (IPL) i.e. Pakistan Super League (PSL) is better than Indian league is laughable and surprising. First of all the league is not even being played in Pakistan and all the overseas players are retired and over the hill and honestly, their budget is very poor. Sample this, Indian pacer Jaydev Unadkat fetched Rs 11.50 crore during this year’s auction and PSL’s one team’s value is of Rs 11 crore.

Pakistani media’s reaction on Padmaavat protests

Pakistan’s free media also was very upset with Karni Sena over the Padmaavat protests and were saying that India curbs freedom of speech and freedom of expression. This coming from a country where they don’t make films and many Indian films are banned for ludicrous reasons, but they will have intense debates on Rani Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji sitting in their AC studios. Another Indian personality that Paki media is quite obsessed with is Arnab Goswami. No, I am not kidding, they will have heated and passionate discussion about Mr Goswami and his every comment regarding Pakistan is scrutinised and anchors treat him like some kind of a royalty (We Indians don’t take this guy seriously).

Pakistani media comparing IPL vs PSL

So, we have kind of figured out that Pakistani media loves India very much and have so much free time that they will not discuss cross-border terrorism, Jihadist elements, extremism and host of other issues which is concerning their great nation. What I find funny is that they also have like Indian channels same set experts for every debate and like a movie script perform their roles perfectly by taking pro India and anti-India stance and they are very knowledgeable about PM Modi’s work ethic, Uttar Pradesh’s population (Pakistani experts always say that its population is more than Pakistan, 20% Muslim population) and in great length will debate and analyse assembly elections happening in India.

Pakistan might be a third world country but they cannot let go of India and Indians and they are (Pakistani anchors) are very patriotic towards India and after BJP and RSS they are the real nationalists and well-wishers of India.