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Viral Video! Woman in flight dries underwear under AC vent, leaving co-passengers in shock


In a bizarre incident, a woman in flight was drying her knickers under AC vent. The video of the woman drying her underwear was shot by a co-passenger in the flight and later it was uploaded on YouTube by a channel, and now it is going viral all over the internet. The woman was flying with Ural Airlines from the resort city of Antalya, in southern Turkey, to the Russian capital Moscow.

Woman’s action shocked other passengers but no one interrupted her and she continued drying her knickers for 20 minutes. “People looked with surprise and bewilderment, but all were silent,” The First Tula quotes an anonymous eyewitness.

Widely shared on social media in Russia, the video invited a number of comments from viewers, some even supporting the woman in her visibly bizarre act. “Those [pants] aren’t an adult’s. Looks like they belong to a kid,” the report quoted a woman posting under the name Alexandra. “Maybe the takeoff was sort of extreme, so now she has to dry those,” it quoted another individual as commenting.